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BeOS & Derivatives The OpenJDK Porters Group approved by a unanimous vote the proposal submitted by the recently formed Haiku Java Team to port OpenJDK to Haiku. This makes Haiku the first OS platform to be sponsored by the Porters Group, and it means that the port is now officially part of the OpenJDK family of projects endorsed by Sun. The team already has a mailing list and a project home page; a mercurial repository is also on its way. Team lead Bryan Varner gives his latest update here on his blog.
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RE: JDK 1.4?
by abraxas on Thu 24th Jan 2008 14:23 UTC in reply to "JDK 1.4?"
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1) Why port a JDK and not just focus on the JRE first? It seems like an unecessary distraction. It's better for end-users to get applications running then to be able to code them.

Despite what SUN tells you java is not really "write once, run anywere", it's more like "write once, broken everywhere". Most large java applications will still have to be ported to Haiku in some fashion. You need a JDK for this.

2) Why 1.4? 1.5 is such a large leap ahead that it seems like they will be missing a lot by not aiming for that. I wouldn't support a Java 1.4 app w/o a large $$$ incentive just for the loss of Generics alone. It seems like the most sensible think would be to port Java 7 so that when the port is done it's update and that they can contribute towards the development of Java 7 itself.

Can you point me to where it says they are aiming for Java 1.4. I don't see that anywhere. As far as I read they are porting OpenJDK which is Java 7.

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