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General Development PT_DENY_ATTACH is a non-standard ptrace() request type that prevents a debugger from attaching to the calling process. Adam Leventhal recently discovered that Leopard extends PT_DENY_ATTACH to prevent introspection into processes using dtrace. This article will cover disabling PT_DENY_ATTACH for all processes on Mac OS X 10.5. Over the previous few years, I've provided similar hacks for both Mac OS X 10.4, and 10.3.
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I can see it already. Mac OS is gaining market share, so this nice how-to article will probably get some gears turning in certain corners of the net (well, they probably were already, to be honest).

To install a kext (kernel extension) file as the author does you need to be able to create files with root:wheel. If someone already has that ability all hope is pretty much gone.

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