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Linux With Linux on the desktop going from a slow crawl to verging on an explosion, many have toiled with the question: How do we make this happen faster? A well-known Austin-based Linux Advocate thinks he has the answer.
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RE[5]: Say no to drugs...
by tomcat on Thu 24th Jan 2008 21:49 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Say no to drugs..."
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I will tell you why people mod him down. Every discussion about free software, someone comes up with a completely valid working free solution, and Tomcat has to reply with the version he has to pay money for.

So what. You have your preferences, I have mine.

As if paying for things automatically makes them better.

Reread my comments. I never said that Nero was "better". It meets my needs. Which means that moving to another platform just to use an alternative is simply too costly.

I use Nero and I also use K3b... K3b outshines Nero on every option. So much so, that Nero seems amateurish in comparison.

I could really give a rat's ass which one is "better". You guys don't seem to grasp this reality: People aren't going to move to Linux simply because you think something else is superior. There are too many tangible (and intangible) costs associated with moving from one platform to another (software investments, training, existing data, software availability, yadda, yadda, yadda) -- but you seem to think that it's just a matter of throwing all that out the window and moving. No wonder you're spinning your wheels and can't figure out why.

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