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Linux With Linux on the desktop going from a slow crawl to verging on an explosion, many have toiled with the question: How do we make this happen faster? A well-known Austin-based Linux Advocate thinks he has the answer.
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Users who arent developers can't fork.

And users of closed-source applications absolutely can't fork.

Does it now.

Yes, it does. There exists a mechanism whereby Microsoft can install software without notification and without the machine owner's permission on any Internet-connected Windows computer, even one that has updates turned off.

Even if i did it has nothing to do with my control of the hardware.

Of course it does ... the OS is in control of your hardware. If the OS won't run ... you won't get anywhere other than ...

I can still wipe Windows out if I want to.

Of course you can ... you would probably stand to lose all your locked-in to proprietary formats data though. Why don't you wipe Windows now (while you still might have a chance to keep your own data intact) & save yourself the pain later?

Wow, again something that has NOTHING to do with my control over the hardware.

Someone (not the law) is allowed to walk in, uninvited, inspect your machines and accuse you of dishonesty (without you necessarily having been at all dishonest), drag your name through the mud, and fine you a fortune (many times your machine's worth) just to allow you to continue running your own computing resources ... and yet you still insist you are in control?

ROFLMAO. You really are a very funny person.

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