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Mac OS X This article is about new aspects of the never-ending story of how Apple is protecting MacOS X for running on different hardware than Apple's. The keyword is virtualization, which allows running unmodified version of Mac OS X as virtualized instance.
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I dont know if you know it (i aso dont know if i can say it here, delete my post if i cant) but Mac OSX actually run on non-apple hardware, and driver status is not that bad. Driver ARE prted from FreeBSD and Linux (rewritten based on old code). OSX work very well on PC. Personally, i own a mac book pro so i dont have to use it (i dont even use mac os at all, i am a linux user). More than that: apple dont used osx86 project back in 2005. Back at the time, they did nothing (almost) to break the patch (they did from 10.4.1 to 10.4.2, but it was a major rewrite of some part). They almost allowed us to do it, because some people did port application to universal binary before comercial product, and found problems and bugs that were corected. Before the first x86 mac, it was almost fine for apple to see hackintosh.

After that, things did change, but not tthat much. When x86 goes out, apple did start to send legal letter to website and did close the most illegal one. After 2 month or so, they stoped again. Since that, they did not try to break the patch and osx86 still work with the two years old anti-tmp-kernel patch. Many drivers have been writen for product. Many open darwin driver have been hacked and improved and many project have been made. Apple dont seem to want to stop this, but i dont really know why anymore, probably for advertising, i dont thing nobody that use osx86 full time will buy a PC again, it is the most plausible explanation...

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