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Mac OS X This article is about new aspects of the never-ending story of how Apple is protecting MacOS X for running on different hardware than Apple's. The keyword is virtualization, which allows running unmodified version of Mac OS X as virtualized instance.
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Don't buy the product
by yoursecretninja on Fri 25th Jan 2008 21:18 UTC
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To all the people complaining that it is not fair that Apple seemingly arbitrarily restricts your right to run OSX on generic boxes I have a solution for you:

Buy an Apple computer or live without osx. Apple is a buisness and that is the proposition they make to their customers. As much as I would like a mercedes... Mercedes tells me that I have to pay them $50,000+ or live without... so I lived without... I begrudedly drive around an old civic instead... but hey, that's life... I am not entitled to a product just because I want it.

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