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Linux With Linux on the desktop going from a slow crawl to verging on an explosion, many have toiled with the question: How do we make this happen faster? A well-known Austin-based Linux Advocate thinks he has the answer.
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I agree with every word you have written. There is absolutely no reason to invest time and money in linux. If I spend total of 50 hrs to tweak my favourite linux distro and still it is half baked (no printer or digicam working) then I am spending as well 50hr*10$=500$ of worth my time just to learn linux. TOO expensive for free software. I have never seen a ordinary user setting his linux box in less than 50 hrs.(install, tweak ugly fonts, monitor messed up, wifi not working, printer digicam not recognized, firewall? cut-paste across platform...and so on)
I have simpler solution.

I haven't had any such trouble setting up Linux.

But if you do ... I have an even simpler solution. Buy a nice system that is certified and pre-installed for Linux ... just as you if you wanted Vista (for whatever unimaginable reason).

... then you will get a Linux system that you have to spend zero time on. It will cost about the same as the equivalent Vista system, but it will come pre-loaded with all the OSS applications you mention. That will save you the 50 hours or so you would have to spend on your Vista system getting a useful set of applications installed.

So even if you decided to get all OSS applications on your Vista machine, you still have saved 80 hour*$10 = $800 getting the exact same applications running on your Linux machine. (The reason why I put 80 hours instead of 50 is that on the Vista machine in addition to all your applications you also need firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, registry cleaner and so on that you don't need with Linux).

Any way that you slice it or dice it, if you compare apples with apples (ie compare a pre-installed Vista with a pre-installed Linux) the Linux option is way cheaper, both for the original cost of software and for your time.

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