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Windows Supposedly, we are looking at screenshots of Windows 7 here. Anyone who has ever looked at Vista will realise these are exactly the same - and that actually makes a lot of sense, so early in a development cycle. In any case, the version number in the winver screenshot actually corresponds to the version number supposedly assigned to the supposedly released M1 build of Windows 7 - but hey, that's just a Photoshop away. Do with this as you please.
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RE[2]: More Windows 7 Screenshots?
by CowMan on Sat 26th Jan 2008 18:21 UTC in reply to "RE: More Windows 7 Screenshots?"
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VistaXP's Internet Exploder is actually based off the original Windows 3.1/11 File Mangler code.

I'm not sure if XP retains this, but certainly W2K held onto the old Program Manager (Start*Run*"progman.exe"). Always found that neat.

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