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Mac OS X This article is about new aspects of the never-ending story of how Apple is protecting MacOS X for running on different hardware than Apple's. The keyword is virtualization, which allows running unmodified version of Mac OS X as virtualized instance.
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RE: what?!
by Dark_Knight on Sun 27th Jan 2008 18:04 UTC in reply to "what?!"
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You're looking at this issue through the eyes of the common consumer instead of seeing it through the eyes of a business. By opening OS X Apple could increase it's revenue for both Apple and their shareholders since the majority of companies want ease of migration. Do you really believe a company with over 200 employees is going to take Apple seriously knowing that they would need to spend even more money replacing their current workstations just so they can run OS X? Both competing OS Linux and Windows allow the consumer to install on existing hardware, not force them to buy the software with a new workstation. While I enjoy using OS X I do also admit it would benefit businesses to have Apple revise their EULA to allow it to be installed on other Intel based workstations. Companies could pay Apple for a license to allow OS X to be installed across a LAN similar to how Microsoft prices licenses for business installations of Windows Vista. The point here being that it would be another market for Apple to increase their profits as well lower cost to businesses who want to migrate to OS X.

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