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Microsoft "For years, the poster child of the anti-open source movement was Microsoft, with its proprietary software model. In recent years, however, the company has changed its views, starting an open source software lab to work on interoperability issues. It's even become a purveyor of its own open source-approved licenses. What do these efforts mean? For Sam Ramji, Microsoft's director of open source technology strategy, they indicate the company is 'open' for business."
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RE[3]: Interoperability issues
by Jemm on Sun 27th Jan 2008 20:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Interoperability issues"
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* 'Building on other standards' is indeed the way to go - and is exactly what ODF does (unlike OOXML).

Does "building on" mean extending the other standards so that they fit the need:

A couple of weeks ago I heard some rumours that ODF had not actually only used SVG as vector graphics format but also even extended it beyond the standardized format. My initial response was that it had to be wrong information. One of the corner stones of ODF is namely that it reuses existing standards and that there is a "clean cut" between ODF and the standard it utilizes.


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