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Mac OS X "Apple has brought its unique brand of richness and simplicity to servers. OS X Leopard Server is the fifth generation of the software half of Apple's server platform. This time around, Apple took what is a unique and bold approach for a Unix server. Leopard Server continues the OS X Server tradition of delivering platform-independent file/print, e-mail, Web, and network edge services (such as stateful firewall, VPN, proxy, virus, and spam filtering). But it is as easy to set up and run as a desktop. Truly; the typical Mac user could get a Leopard Server going, because the default administrative interface is a match for a Mac's System Preferences."
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by rayiner on Mon 28th Jan 2008 18:54 UTC in reply to "Ads Suck"
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I think you're missing the point. There is a very substantial niche for a server OS with a good, easy-to-use interface and limited scalability. There are lot's of servers that support a relatively small number of users and are maintained by a non-professional admin. For example, at my university, the small departmental computer labs are sometimes maintained by professors or students in their spare time. Where I work, our e-mail and source-control servers are maintained by people who have no formal IT training, and other primary duties. OS X Server is perfect for such environments. Indeed, if I recall correctly, that's exactly what runs our setup at work --- a PowerMac with OS X Server.

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