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OSNews, Generic OSes Loyal OSNews readers, I 'd like to thank you for your patience as we've made a bumpy transition to a new back-end and an even bumpier rollout of the OSNews' new design, aka OSNews 4.1. We hope you like it. We'll be making many minor interface changes over the next weeks, and we'll read the comments of this posting in case you have any bug reports or suggestions. One feature that we've eliminated from the v4 beta was themes. For now, we are focusing on perfecting one unified theme, and hope to revisit that feature in the future. I'd like to thank OSNews' intrepid code slinger Adam Scheinberg for all his hard work on this project and also thank the many readers who helped us troubleshoot the v4 backend.
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Doesn't display properly...
by chimby on Wed 30th Jan 2008 01:10 UTC
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Um...This top menu bar is wrapped on my WIDESCREEN monitor. Why do people design sites like this? I use FF; didn't anyone check this in FF before going to production? Sheesh.

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