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FreeBSD "In December 2003, I wrote a script for remotely upgrading a linux system to FreeBSD. I gave it a catchy name ('Depenguinator', inspired by the 'Antichickenator' in Baldur's Gate), announced it on a FreeBSD mailing list and on Slashdot, and before long it was famous. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for changes in the layout of FreeBSD releases to make the Depenguination script stop working; so for the past three years I have been receiving emails asking me to update it to work with newer FreeBSD releases." And now it's back.
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"You can do it 30000 miles away with no hands on ;)
To be that far away is not possible on earth ;) "

Perhaps not as the crow flies, but as the packets route 30k miles is much more achievable. ;-)

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