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OSNews, Generic OSes OSNews has been reporting, since its start in 1997, on the world of operating systems, their applications, their hardware, and their people - both users and developers. OSNews has seen 3 major rewrites, various personnel changes, and numerous topics of discussion, some way beyond the original scope OSNews started out with over a decade ago. Today, we are announcing a major shift in what we do, with which we hope to re-ignite OSNews - yes, we are shifting our focus. Read on for the details.
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Those comics are not political stabs, they are just light, dry, funny things (which is great). The Ad nauseam you talk about actually makes it lighter.

Really, if anybody considers these comics as political stabs, or gets even a little aggravated by them, they ought to let there blood pressure be checked.

Thom, your comics are great it all it's simpleness. Keep it up!

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