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Features, Office "There's been quite a bit of buzz recently after it was announced that OpenOffice 3 was due in September. It seems, however, most people still aren't aware of what's in store. The website is a rather scary place. We managed to find this conference presentation lurking in the shadows before running away in fear of mid 90's web design. Here's the best bits."
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RE[2]: And also email
by bousozoku on Wed 30th Jan 2008 20:10 UTC in reply to "RE: And also email"
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It might, but so sounded "the Acccess"-killer which turned to be big pile of horse manure. I certainly hope it's not Java-based. But to be honest, I don't care it. I already have perfectly fine e-mail client, most people do.

I was certainly hoping that OO3 would bring new, more logical, user interface like Microsoft did on Office 2007. Something to compete IBMs', sometimes rather horrible, version of that. The new native Aqua UI might be nice thing, but for 98% of users it's as useful as having Klingon translated version.

But mostly this sounds rather eerily like OO2, which instead of rethinking all, had just more stuff, stuff that most didn't need. Sure PDF is nice but then again how many needs it, not most people.

I dropped the XWindows version of OpenOffice simply because it was more of a pain to use on Mac OS X than a native or Java version. NeoOffice does quite well on Mac OS X and OpenOffice is acceptable on the Ubuntu distro.

I can't see that they really need the e-mail client, either. Thunderbird works well for me and there are so many others available.

PDF import should be useful in businesses where companies are already paying extra for the ability.

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