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Linux He doesn't own a mobile phone and he is proud of it. And he thinks virtualization is over-hyped. Find out what else we prize from Linux guru Linus Torvalds. "Linux has done what I wanted it to do for the last fifteen years, literally. So since very early on my motivation actually came from the outside: my motivation came from problems that other people see. I don't see the problems, my usage model is actually fairly simple and it's still the same development model that I tend to concentrate on. So I am actually motivated by other people's issues, and sometimes they make me go 'those people are just crazy, that's just insane', but sometimes the crazy people have some of the most interesting problems too."
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Why is this interesting ?
by mounty on Thu 31st Jan 2008 00:06 UTC
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Why are people so interested in Torvalds' opinions about everything ? This is just a polite version of the obsession with celebrity that has propelled Corey Delaney (,22606,23136307-5012985,0... ) to notoriety.

Torvalds was in the right place at the right time and got lucky, that's all. Only his opinions on the Linux kernel are of interest.

Yes, mark this down as an envy-fuelled diatribe if you must. Or ask me a question ! About anything ! I have opinions on just about every subject.

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