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Opera Software "Tabs. Mouse gestures. User-agent switcher. Dedicated transfer window. Pop-up blocking and javascript abuse filtering. Integrated search box. Page zoom. Session saver. Chew on those features. We'll be coming back to them."
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For me it's the engine
by pandronic on Thu 31st Jan 2008 06:39 UTC
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For years the engine was horrible, not in the sense that it didn't conform to the standards (it did and it does), but the fact that it wasn't interpreting the common quirks as well as Firefox. As a web-developer I need to see sites exactly the way the author intended, and I don't know how Firefox can almost all the time do that.

The javascript interpreter seems to have the same problems as a lot of scripts that work in IE and Firefox fail miserably in Opera. Maybe it's not their fault, because they might respect all the standards in the world, but this really isn't enough.

Also, the UI is not one of the best. I hate the fact that I have to jump through hoops to get the damn tab bar below the location bar, the menus are cluttered and the skins don't look very well on either platform.

As someone said above me ... it's the little things.

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