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Opera Software "Tabs. Mouse gestures. User-agent switcher. Dedicated transfer window. Pop-up blocking and javascript abuse filtering. Integrated search box. Page zoom. Session saver. Chew on those features. We'll be coming back to them."
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By default, the Opera interface SUCKS.

Please tell what you like in Firefox and what you don't like in Opera, based on this comparison screenshot:

its keyboard navigation is second to none

Ok, please take a look at these two links and tell us what you're missing, maybe Opera devs could add it to the next version.

The problem is that people do not want to invest the time to customise. They want it it look good from the start. They want it to make sense from the start.

Opera and Firefox (and other browsers) look pretty much the same from the start: Or am I missing something? If the problem is the Opera logo in the title bar, then I tend to think the problem of Opera is not a technical problem, but rather a brand problem. People dislike Opera because it's Opera.

people now want extensions

Not people, geeks.

which are not available for Opera.

No need, these functionalities come already out of the box. Isn't it better? Who wants to chase for extensions that not always work across upgrades?

It should blend in on Vista, XP, KDE, OSX.

Now, this is interesting. Opera has native OS integration in Vista, XP, KDE and OS X. However, Firefox doesn't have native integration for KDE, although it has for Gnome because Opera uses Qt and Firefox uses Gtk.

They are innovators, but they are not presenters.

I really don't think the problem is a GUI issue. It's rather a branding issue. Who here dislikes the Opera application but likes the Opera Software company itself? I'm sure not many.

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