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FreeBSD "In December 2003, I wrote a script for remotely upgrading a linux system to FreeBSD. I gave it a catchy name ('Depenguinator', inspired by the 'Antichickenator' in Baldur's Gate), announced it on a FreeBSD mailing list and on Slashdot, and before long it was famous. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for changes in the layout of FreeBSD releases to make the Depenguination script stop working; so for the past three years I have been receiving emails asking me to update it to work with newer FreeBSD releases." And now it's back.
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RE[7]: Broken for 3 years ...
by BluenoseJake on Thu 31st Jan 2008 19:59 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Broken for 3 years ..."
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"Right , project leaders speak only for themself and everyone is jumping in to tell him he is wrong .."

Theo is only project leader for OpenBSD. Not FreeBSD, NetBSD, or any other BSD.

"BSD security is best handled by letting other's handle it , and that it stay broken ... People have trouble installing BSD but yet a tool that could help change that is best left hidden for **pseudo** security sake ?

BSD logic at work here. ( Meaning it's illogical )"

That is a ridiculous argument.

"Shock , horror , gasp !! Something that install a FreeBSD system remotely over GNU/Linux to help with replacing it that is easier !!!"

It's bad practice, if you ask me. If something goes wrong, you aren't there to fix it, and then you have no options left, you have a hosed system instead of a working one, and you aren't even there to fix it. It's a stupid idea.

"People don't believe me when I say the BSD are against having more people using BSD or make life easier for those who want to try it but don't know how."

People don't believe you because you make arguments with no real information to back them up. For people who want to use BSD in a more Linux like manner, there is DesktopBSD, PC-BSD and others.

Contrary to popular belief, a graphical installer does not magically make an OS easier to install. BSD is already quite easy to install, just as easy as Windows 2000 or XP, and adding applications is very easy. I would like to see a live-cd, and hopefully that will come.

The changes in FreeBSD has been immense since I started using it (FreeBSD 4.9) They are moving forward, and making good progress.

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