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Hardware, Embedded Systems "After the incredible success of the Asus Eee PC, other manufacturers are ready to get their piece of the pie. This means that within the next few months we are going to see this segment go from just two devices - the Eee PC and the Nanobook (which has yet to come out in the U.S. but which we have been hearing about for some time) - to many more." Another article on the Eee says: "Five of the 10 best-selling notebooks, including the top three models this weekend do not run Windows or Mac OS X. In fact, they are different models of the same diminutive notebook the Asus Eee PC - that runs on Linux."
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RE[4]: Competition is good
by gustl on Thu 31st Jan 2008 20:29 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Competition is good"
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Well, is good enough for most people, and the import/export filters also are good enough for what most people do. Importing a MSOffice Document, editing it and exporting it back usually does not break enough of the layout to make you say "I should not have done that". Just correct the two flaws in the layout when you are back in MSOffice and resume working on that document.

That is one less Killer app.

And the Adobe/Macromedia staff is either available for Linux (Flash), or has programs with equivalent functionality (kpdf, xpdf, gpdf, print to pdf).
And instead of Photoshop you can use Gimp, as long as you are not in the professional publishing and printing business.

Thats the second killer App down.

Today, the only thing holding back Linux on the desktop is the scarcity of pre-installed boxes you can buy.
Dell is trying to sell pre-loaded laptops, but they are not offering the same machine on the same page with the Windows system as default, and the Linux system as Option, Price -50 USD.

But with the boom of the EeePC, maybe some retailers will see that most people honestly don't care what operating system they use, they just want a machine to do their work with.

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