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Intel At the Linux.Conf.Au conference today, Intel has announced NDA-free programming documentation covering the 965 Express and G35 Express IGPs. Intel's display driver has long been open-source, but up until now, they have not been releasing the programming documentation for these products to the public. This move comes months after AMD announced their new open-source strategy and began releasing register documentation on their R500 and R600 GPUs. These newly released documents by Intel even cover 3D and video programming for their IGPs.
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Mark Williamson
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I really like that ATI are opening up specs. And Intel's opens source support is really promising.

Unfortunately I wanted working 3D hardware now and my older ATI card isn't (as far as I can tell) part of ATI's big push to help OSS driver development although apparently that'll be coming at some stage...

Right now I felt like I had a choice between: buy new ATI card and use their dodgy binary drivers that I'd found so unreliable in the past; buy new ATI card and use the work-in-progress open drivers; buy new NVidia card and use a binary driver that I trusted to work well (based on previous experience with NVidia's Linux code). I didn't have the option of going Intel because they don't have a discrete graphics part...

So I ended up buying NVidia as the best option for my Linux box *now*, even though I'd really like to be able to support what ATI and Intel are doing in OSS graphics. :-(

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