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Intel At the Linux.Conf.Au conference today, Intel has announced NDA-free programming documentation covering the 965 Express and G35 Express IGPs. Intel's display driver has long been open-source, but up until now, they have not been releasing the programming documentation for these products to the public. This move comes months after AMD announced their new open-source strategy and began releasing register documentation on their R500 and R600 GPUs. These newly released documents by Intel even cover 3D and video programming for their IGPs.
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by kaiwai on Fri 1st Feb 2008 17:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: NVIDIA"
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How is Intel in an inferior situation, they have 30% of the marketplace - not too bad if you ask me.

The largest growing segment is the mobile segment, Intel has that market cornered by Intel, ergo, Intel will be running most of the machines in future.

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