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Intel At the Linux.Conf.Au conference today, Intel has announced NDA-free programming documentation covering the 965 Express and G35 Express IGPs. Intel's display driver has long been open-source, but up until now, they have not been releasing the programming documentation for these products to the public. This move comes months after AMD announced their new open-source strategy and began releasing register documentation on their R500 and R600 GPUs. These newly released documents by Intel even cover 3D and video programming for their IGPs.
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by WereCatf on Fri 1st Feb 2008 18:31 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: NVIDIA"
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The issue I have with binary drivers is this; look at the Nvidia drivers and the dropping of support - the reluctance to still spend resources optimising drivers for older hardware. The attitude that once they've stopped selling the hardware, there is no point to supporting it adequately any more.

I've got a perfectly good laptop with built-in GeForce 4 card and well, it is not supported by the NVidia drivers anymore. I have only two solutions: to downgrade my installation so I can use older drivers or not use the binary drivers and lose quite a lot of functionality and speed.. And I can tell you that both choices suck :/ That's the reason why I like open-source approach better: even my ancient Radeon 9100 is working just fine and well due to the fact that there's open-source drivers for it which are kept up-to-date and working.

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