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General Development "PHP 4, deployed on tens of millions of servers globally, is among the most successful languages of all time. But its run is coming to an end. Active development for the scripting language has been discontinued and security updates will conclude in August. And for some developers, PHP 4 will be history before Valentine's Day. On February 5, a group of influential Open Source projects will collectively stop all new development on their respectively platforms using PHP 4. However, there are still some holdouts opposing a complete transition to PHP 5 and it's not entirely clear whether or not PHP 4 will ever truly disappear."
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PHP 6!!!
by robinh on Sat 2nd Feb 2008 10:39 UTC
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If you look at what the PHP developers are talking about and developing activly at the moment, it's all about PHP 6. I think that a lot of PHP 4 people are going to move directly to PHP 6, and given the lack of stablity in the 5.x branch, I think this is probably a good thing for those people.

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