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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Its official release is just under three months away, and Ubuntu 8.04, or Hardy Heron, promises some great improvements over the already user-friendly Ubuntu 7.10 (also known as Gusty Gibbon). This is a look at the fourth Alpha release of Hardy; including many of the applications that are now included by default and the major changes that will improve stability and usability. Among these are the addition of Firefox 3 and Remote Desktop on the applications side, and a new method for systems control known as Policy Kit, which enables the administrator to unlock certain functions for normal users."
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RE[2]: Summarised
by kadymae on Sun 3rd Feb 2008 16:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Summarised"
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You're right about the 'gets in the way of productivity' - I'd love to know what is more productive;

Speaking from past experiences with PPC X/Ubuntu 6.xx systems, I can assure you that having to save work, logout/login, change a minor setting or download and install a program update, logout/login is anything but productive.

In Xubuntu 6.06 a little authentication box used to pop open (ala OS X) and ask me for my password, but I could type my systadmin password till my fingers fell off and nothing doing. (Thanks unfixed system bug!)

So, a working system that allows me to authenticate on the fly without having to do a user switch or logout/login?

That's Productive.

It may be up and running in X/Ubuntu 7x, but I've been so busy I haven't had time to partition the one windows machine in the house and install it.

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