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General Development How do you recognize good programmers if you're a business guy? It's not as easy as it sounds. CV experience is only of limited use here, because great programmers don't always have the "official" experience to demonstrate that they're great. In fact, a lot of that CV experience can be misleading. Yet there are a number of subtle cues that you can get, even from the CV, to figure out whether someone's a great programmer. More here.
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I'm currently having a similar issue but on the opposite side: i had a team before with three certified programmers (plus a non-cert one), and I had to let two of them go because of the crappy (bug-loaded, badly designed, unmaintainable) coding style and due to the fact that they missed all the opportunities to change.

Now my team is filled up with 2 new non-certified guys, who have all the routine needed. And thanks to them, we are reducing the maintenance time and design issues very rapidly.

What I am trying to mean: even though the systematic knowledge is definitely one of the most important points, you can not just believe that all the guys with a cert will be OK and none of the others will not be. You just have to be careful checking their actual abilities while hiring.

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