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General Development How do you recognize good programmers if you're a business guy? It's not as easy as it sounds. CV experience is only of limited use here, because great programmers don't always have the "official" experience to demonstrate that they're great. In fact, a lot of that CV experience can be misleading. Yet there are a number of subtle cues that you can get, even from the CV, to figure out whether someone's a great programmer. More here.
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Many people in computer science are from non-CS background including people like W. Richard Stevens (Author of Advanced UNIX programming). I don't think education is exactly a criteria in judging one's programming abilities.

I faced a little bias from recruiters just because I did not have a CS degree and i worked around that by only mentioning that I have a Bachelors of Technology. Every interview I went in, i cleared it and even in companies where I was the first non-CS hire. I have worked on components ranging from networking protocols to kernel drivers and OS development.

So IMHO the degree in computer science surely helps a little bit but I think the decision whether a person is good for hire should be based on a person's work experience and his interview.

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