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OSNews, Generic OSes A preview of the 0.7 release of Visopsys is now available from the preview page. The page is light on details of the new technical features such as JPEG, 64-bit disk, UDF, and GPT support but provides screenshots and a breakdown of the updated look of Visopsys. As always you can try the OS from the 'live' CD image (and yes, after 10 years of development, there's still a basic version that fits on a floppy).
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by Tanner on Tue 5th Feb 2008 21:57 UTC
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I'm following Visopsys for a long time..
I find quite interesting to see a one-man project being developed over and over... Congrats!

I think that he should use Oxygen Icons or something standardized... In order to help himself focusing on technical aspects of the OS.

Font Rendering, Icons, Vector Graphics: if I could be able to develop a OS, I would use the most of the available technologies and libraries already done by others to fill the gap. I wouldnt try to do all by myself... This will not lead anywhere, IMHO.

Sorry for bad english.

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