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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, will announce on Feb. 6 that it's making Parallels Workstation for Linux available to users through the Ubuntu Partner Repository. Parallels, formerly SWSoft, the company behind the open-source virtualization program OpenVZ, is best known for its Parallels virtualization software that works with Mac OS X. Parallels Workstation for Linux won't let you run Mac OS X, but it will enable you to run multiple versions of Windows or Linux with Ubuntu.
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" You cannot follow such a policy on a Windows system.

Sure you can, so please do not spread FUD here. I recommend Avast or AntiVir PE. Both are available for free. They update themselves automatically and could be set to auto scan files downloaded from Internet before run.

The policy the original poster was talking about is the install-from-repository-only policy. Do you really mean that Windows has something equivallent to that?

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