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Windows "One of the 'big' features discussed in early speculation of Windows Vista SP1 was the kernel upgrade, which was supposed to bring the operating system into line with the Longhorn kernel used in Windows Server 2008. And yet with Vista SP1 going RTM, there hasn't been so much as a peep from Microsoft about the mooted kernel update. Has it happened? Well the answer is yes it has, and presumably the main reason for Microsoft's silence on the subject is that as they're keen to promote the improvements and enhancements to Vista, rather than placing emphasis on a kernel upgrade, which some people might see as a risk of newly-introduced instability."
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RE[2]: Honk! Honk!
by malxau on Wed 6th Feb 2008 03:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Honk! Honk!"
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Not sure where you go that info, but according to the MS TechNet site it's more like 450MB for a stand alone update or 65MB for the online Windows Update version?

Part of the confusion here is different editions. Last I looked, there were three:
1. English only (~450Mb)
2. 5 Language version (~550Mb)
3. "Full", 35 language version.

So typically for North America/Australia, the 450Mb (English only) package is sufficient. I personally don't know anyone who really needs 35 language updates.

Also note that prior to Vista, delivering multiple language updates in this way was effectively impossible, since each language had its own binaries. The only real comparison with previous releases is English only Vista (450Mb) against, say, XPSP2 (266Mb.)

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