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Windows The Japanese computer supplier NEC has officially launched a product to let network administrators downgrade machines running Windows Vista to XP. The OEM first made the product, NEC FlexLoad, available to customers on 25 January. However, the product was officially launched on Tuesday. Customers with a Vista licence can purchase the two-DVD pack for GBP 7, according to David Newbould, NEC UK's product marketing manager. The first DVD sets up a partition on the hard drive and installs core XP files and drivers, while the second DVD installs the remaining XP files in the partition, said Newbould. NEC recommends that customers burn a Vista recovery CD before installing the XP partition.
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RE[6]: Downgrade?
by daschmidty on Wed 6th Feb 2008 05:14 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Downgrade?"
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"Name One Windows Game that Works on XP and Linux that doesn't under Vista":
Battlefied 1942-Only about 5 yrs old(in fact they still sell it) runs perfect in XP and more then decent with wine in linux. But under Vista, logging into an oniline game more then 50% of the time produces a total crash with an error message telling me to "contact my software manufacturer". I have also had issues with Star Trek Starfleet Command 3, Rise of Nations(The game won't update under vista..and an MS game no less)and Red Faction...which is filled with bugs and crashers that were never present on XP.

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