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OS/2 and eComStation Last month, IBM made an announcement that put an end to any hope of an open source OS/2. Responding to requests from an online community that had previously collected 11,600 signatures in support of its cause, the company confirmed that they would not be releasing the source code of their OS/2 operating system. I used OS/2 as my main operating system for about four years, and unlike some former users, my reaction to the news sits somewhere between disinterest and relief.
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Okay. I have some features for ya... :-)
by rcsteiner on Thu 7th Feb 2008 20:15 UTC
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How many open source OSes are as good at multithreading as even the stock OS/2 kernel was (and is)?

For the longest time, the threading libraries on even commercial UNIX variants were mainly stapled on, and while Linux has had extremely lightweight processes for a long time and is getting better threading all the time, I'm still not convinced that it's up to OS/2's level thusfar. Numbers/benchmarks would be something I'd love to see.

How about dynamic process priortization? I would love to see someone benchmark OS/2 versus other kernels when it comes to adjusting UI elements such as the mouse to a higher priority and background tasks to a lower priority on the fly. That type of thing can positively (or negatively) impact the overall "feel" of a system when it's under load, and the difference between OS/2 and Linux is still relatively easy to discern on slower boxes. Windows, also, is very poor at making such subtle adjustments. I'm speaking subjectively, though, which is probably a poor argument. :-(

You're right that much about OS/2 is dated, and even the few areas where it was keeping up until recently (video support) are hurting now because of the loss of SNAP, but there are still core design elements within the OS which I believe are still unequalled in the free software arena, and it isn't just features related to the WPS.

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