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Windows Microsoft is conducting field trials to ensure that a modified version of Windows XP SP2 will be able to run well on the One Laptop Per Child's XO machine and that it will be able to support customers with a good experience on that hardware. "We are encouraged by what we have seen of Windows on the XO machine so far, and field trials started at the end of January involving about 200 XO machines running a customized version of Windows XP SP2 with a reduced footprint image," Orlando Ayala, senior vice president of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential Group, told eWEEK.
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What a....
by nzjrs on Fri 8th Feb 2008 03:34 UTC
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Asked about Negroponte’s comments, all Ayala would say is, “I presume the reason Negroponte was excited about Windows at CES was that I don’t think they expected to see an implementation of Windows running so well on that machine by the time our team met them in Boston a few weeks ago."

Hahah, bet that guy has trouble meeting woman, what an arrogant twat

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