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Privacy, Security, Encryption So, you think that since there are so few holes in your Mac OS that you're invulnerable to attack? That may be true for Trojans and viruses, but it's not the case for phishing attacks that can be fiendishly deceptive and destructive. Not worried yet? Read this column and you might think again.
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RE[2]: Okay...
by Tyr. on Fri 8th Feb 2008 06:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Okay..."
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2. Apple doesn't use open source software for OS X, so fewer people are handling the code to find exploits. Even when Apple does use open source software, they still have a hard time updating it.

No they don't use open source, except you know Darwin (the os itself), CUPS, apache, khtml, the entire bsd toolchain, BerkeleyDB, python, perl, ruby, X11, SQlite, samba, ldap, ...

It's easier to list to closed source parts of OSX.

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