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Microsoft With the proposed Microsoft takeover of Yahoo, a BBC editorial asks whether this isn't just the case of one doomed company, the one "which failed to spot Web 1.0" trying to buy another which has succeeded in "never coming to terms with Web 2.0." Should we fear a new onslaught of monopolistic weight-throwing, or is this just a punctuation mark on what will be a long decline?
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Second, even if OOXML weren't adopted as a standard, the fact that it is among the default document save formats in the widest deployed Office suite in the world gives it significantly more market power than you think. The proprietary formats (.DOC, .PPT, .XLS, etc) are still the widest-deployed formats in use today -- despite the fact that they aren't "standards".

Just a small point. It's worth mentioning that OOXML is *not* a document save format in the widest deployed Office suite in the world.

The widest deployed office suite probably lies somewhere between MS Office XP and MS Office 2003. MS Office 2007 is most definitely *not* the most widely deployed suite. It's likely it will be, but it isn't yet.

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