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OS/2 and eComStation Last month, IBM made an announcement that put an end to any hope of an open source OS/2. Responding to requests from an online community that had previously collected 11,600 signatures in support of its cause, the company confirmed that they would not be releasing the source code of their OS/2 operating system. I used OS/2 as my main operating system for about four years, and unlike some former users, my reaction to the news sits somewhere between disinterest and relief.
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RE: Huh?
by rhyder on Sun 10th Feb 2008 10:54 UTC in reply to "Huh?"
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A good summary of my article.

Maybe I'm glad that OS/2 hasn't been released because I'd rather see it die off than linger on like Amiga has.

The harm that would be caused by a source code release is that such a relase would use up resources that could be spent on something more useful. Imagine what could happen if IBM decided to put some funds into Syllable or Haiku for example.

Let's say a team of programmers somehow built a runnable version of OS/2. They would then have to start building tools to run on OS/2 to add things like desktop search to OS/2. This is programmer time that /isn't/ being spent on developing things for other platforms.

And all for something that I don't believe could ever be very good.

Shame that no one who is still in the OS/2 scene has put together an initiative to log all of the useful OS/2 WPS features. They could then organize the process of adding the features back into, say, Gnome.

My main point is that there is very little that could be reused from the OS/2 source code. I notice that no one has posted a list of things that could actually be salvaged from the source code.

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