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BeOS & Derivatives With many recent stability fixes and other improvements by Michael Lotz (mmlr) as well as others - he was able to finally nail down a couple last minor tweaks that allowed him to checkout the Haiku source from the SVN repository, compile a raw Haiku image, and test it in QEMU entirely from his Haiku install. This is the first time ever that Haiku has reportedly 'self-hosted', an unofficial important requirement for an alpha release. Please note that there are a few technicalities to be ironed out before the process can be easily reproduced by all. Update: Please note that Haiku won't be taking over the world just yet.
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Here we go!
by Polari on Tue 12th Feb 2008 08:59 UTC
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What a milestone for the project! Looking at the Alpha milestone on Trac ( there's not a whole lot left to do before release; only a few bugs (some of which, I believe, are already for most intents and purposes resolved) and a number of enhancements which are all in varying stages of completion.

It's going to be exciting to see what happens once they've got a bootable, installable CD image out there...

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