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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The final 1.0 version of the Nexenta Core Platform has been released. "Nexenta Operating System is a free and open source operating system combining the OpenSolaris kernel with GNU application userland. Nexenta Operating System runs on Intel/AMD 32/64bit hardware and is distributed as a single installable CD. NexentaCore is a minimal (core) foundation that can be used to quickly build servers, desktops, and custom distributions tailored for specialized applications."
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RE[3]: No comments thus far?
by christian on Tue 12th Feb 2008 10:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: No comments thus far?"
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"because I want ZFS without having to deal with the crappy Solaris userland.

The Solaris userland is often characterized "crappy" or something similar. In some cases - please note that I'm not talking about you especially - this is due to people who come from Linux and expect certain commands at places they know well.

No, the default userland in the common PATH (/usr/bin etc) is truly crappy. The /bin/sh is buggy as hell and not POSIX compliant, /usr/bin/awk appears to be from V7 UNIX.

First thing I do on a Solaris machine is stick /usr/xpg4/bin at the front of my PATH. This gives standards compliant tools (where standards > V7).

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