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KDE "Free/Open Source software has grown considerably from its roots in the UNIX tradition of the command line interface and early X Windows-based graphical environments. As desktop use has increased concurrently with advances in desktop development, serious user interface and experience issues have arisen. Celeste Lyn Paul of User Centered Design, Inc. and the KDE Project presented, 'A Quick and Dirty Intro to User Centered Design in Open Source Development', Saturday at SCaLE 6X. Her talk emphasized the importance of including designers in the development process."
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RE[4]: OSS Acture alternative
by righard on Tue 12th Feb 2008 13:13 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OSS Acture alternative"
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The first three words and the last sentence make it clear that I'm not telling anybody what they ought to use. For some reason if there is an article about a good looking lady, people defend the person without a need. I don't care what she uses. I just think that this is one of those software pieces people get dependent on without a real need. But if some-one is happy with it, by all means continue.

I have a strong personal opinion on that matter. I think learning a special language or program to make a non working prototype of something that still has to be developed is a waste of time. Same goes for UML. Instead of turning a problem into code, it becomes.. turning a problem into a abstract problem using objects or what might not so it can be turned into code. In my opinion a useless step. But I don't care about people taking that step.

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