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KDE "Free/Open Source software has grown considerably from its roots in the UNIX tradition of the command line interface and early X Windows-based graphical environments. As desktop use has increased concurrently with advances in desktop development, serious user interface and experience issues have arisen. Celeste Lyn Paul of User Centered Design, Inc. and the KDE Project presented, 'A Quick and Dirty Intro to User Centered Design in Open Source Development', Saturday at SCaLE 6X. Her talk emphasized the importance of including designers in the development process."
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RE[6]: OSS Acture alternative
by righard on Tue 12th Feb 2008 14:13 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: OSS Acture alternative"
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Well actually I apologize for that women stuff, it had, I admit, nothing to do with it. Fact still is that you defend her without any need because I was not attacking her at all. I merely made my opinion about a particular program. Again, please continue to use the software that you seem fit, as I continue my opinion about "buzz-software". (though I shall refrain from commenting off-topic and uninteresting opinions in the future ;)

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