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KDE "Free/Open Source software has grown considerably from its roots in the UNIX tradition of the command line interface and early X Windows-based graphical environments. As desktop use has increased concurrently with advances in desktop development, serious user interface and experience issues have arisen. Celeste Lyn Paul of User Centered Design, Inc. and the KDE Project presented, 'A Quick and Dirty Intro to User Centered Design in Open Source Development', Saturday at SCaLE 6X. Her talk emphasized the importance of including designers in the development process."
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RE[6]: OSS Acture alternative
by righard on Tue 12th Feb 2008 15:01 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: OSS Acture alternative"
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No, I don't know anything ;) and that is why I sad that I thought it. But according to the site it is a new concept, and please don't tell me designing a good application before was not possible.
Judging the programs software it is analogue to the developers UML. For which, as a professional programmer, I do have a grounded opinion formed after a lot own experience.
Designing is something creative, which, I >think< is a subject that should not be outsourced to a piece of software, because the end product will be restricted by the restrictions of that particularly software. Which is a well-founded opinion that can even by made by non-designers.

if everybody limited his/her opinions to his/her expertise, it would be very, very quiet. ( Although it would be an improvement I'll admit. )

And to steer this conversation on-topic:

I do agree with the interview. I was just thinking about it after reading the InkSeine article. The opensource community has tons of innovating technical achievements. But in the area of user visible design there are as far as I know, no innovations made. In that area they mostly follow there proprietary colleague's.

My guess to the reason of this is that design has more to do with art and creativity. It is hard to work via the internet with people you don't know, each having there own ideas.
I creative design is a sacred part of the designer, not something he wants to see changed by some-one with another idea. Which is something that will surely happen seeing as that creative ideas are so divers. That scares designers away.

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