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Apple Apple has seeded build 8B1027 to Apple Developer Platform owners. This build brings Transition Kit systems up to version 10.4.2, and in-sync with the current released version of Mac OS X for 'ordinary' Macs. This build includes new tactics to prevent piracy of Mac OS X.
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by DonQ on Mon 12th Sep 2005 21:27 UTC
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I see this as some kind of marketing/PR strategy.

What did Apple win:

- free advertisment on internet - who would be interested in just "next beta"?
- hackers interest to crack another protection - Apple "develops" MacTels hackers
- some experience with different protection schemes

What did Apple lost:

- [already cracked] old protection schema - actually no loss at all
- some users of hacked MacTel - those wouldn't buy Mac/OSX anyway.

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