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Linux The Linux Foundation has posted the second half of its long and thorough interview with Linux founder Linus Torvalds, part of the Foundation's 'open voices' podcast. While the first part of the interview focused on the Linux development community, this time Torvalds sounds off on everything from patents and innovation to the future of Linux. According to Torvalds the reason Linux hasn't taken off is that most people are happy with the way things are. "If you act differently from Windows, even if you act in some ways better, it doesn't matter; better is worse if it's different." Torvalds also attributes much of the frustration with Windows Vista to this same idea. In other words, it's not that Vista is worse than XP, but it's different and that causes distress among users.
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Not the users fault.
by Ishan on Wed 13th Feb 2008 10:00 UTC
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I didn't read all the comment but well...
I was and still am to some extent a windows user, I now currently use Ubuntu with some fallback to windows for specific use (games as wine is honestly crap for that, far too slow. And a few programs I didn't find any equivalent under linux, like a good binary usenet client with ssl support)
What I find makes Linux not appropriate to the average user is you still have to rely on the command line if you want to do some "advanced" things (even if it's far less than before), the other things is the package management wich is great with most distro but hardly simple for non computer geeks.
The example I'd take is Mac OSX, wether you like it or not it's very different compared to windows, but it's so easy to use : no dependency nightmare, no mandatory command line (even if you can and I do use it), easy drag and drop install, you name it. All is done to make the system as easy to use and configure as possible. I'm no Apple zealot but their OS is spot on (as bloated and heavy it is, your standard user don't care about that)
IMHO what Linux lakes to be adopted by the average joe's is simplicity, at least they got that right with the eeePC linux...

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