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Windows eWeek takes a look at Vista's first service pack. "On the whole, Vista Service Pack 1, which becomes generally available in mid-March, is a fairly staid update with very little in the way of new features or cosmetic changes. SP1 consists of a rollup of Vista's first year of security and bug fixes, new support for a handful of emerging hardware and software standards, and an update to Vista's kernel and core systems that brings the operating system in line with Windows Server 2008, which was also recently released to manufacturing. SP1 also features a handful of performance improvements around file copy operations, which I was able to confirm during my tests in our lab." Concerning the file copy operations, Mark Russinovich has a detailed post about that one.
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not a very good article
by pjjmartin on Thu 14th Feb 2008 19:29 UTC
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I don't mean to be a troll, but this article wasn't very good. He didn't cover any other aspect to the service pack besides file copying, and he didn't cover that well at all. The main issue was with copying files over a network connection, not locally. Even so, testing i/o without involving the network is pretty lame.

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