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Linux The true reason for this article is to point out some sensitive points and to start a discussion. Hopefully, this discussion will produce some useful outcome and if some people in the Linux community are willing to listen to them, I would already be very enthusiastic. Let's start, shall we?
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linux/windows desktop usage
by re_re on Tue 12th Jul 2005 16:04 UTC
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in just about every (what i see as unbias) study that i have seen where to completely computer illiterate people were put on both windows and good linux noob friendly desktops (suse, Mandrake, xandros, etc..) people generally catch on to them both at about the same speed, some think windows is a bit easier, some think linux is a bit easier

My point is... the reason linux is so fricken hard for windows users to handle is not because it is harder to use but because it is different,

there are always growing pains when moving to something different...

I have friends who use OSX and think windows is the hardest os to use in the fricken world

friends who use windows and think linux and osx are just as hard

and yes.... I myself find linux easier than windows.. why?.... because it is what i have become accustomed to.

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