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Mac OS X "Apple recently released its second update to OS X 'Leopard', and the latest version of its shiny operating system is now numbered 10.5.2. When I reviewed Leopard two days after its initial release I called it the best operating system ever made for the vast majority of users. I think that's even more true now that 10.5.2 fixes some of the first-release glitches that annoyed me in 10.5 and in Apple's first, quick, bug-fix update 10.5.1."
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RE: Just remember one thing
by Manik on Sat 16th Feb 2008 11:41 UTC in reply to "Just remember one thing"
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And I have never heard a Braun Executive, lying to their customer about their product, like Jobs did with the worlds (not) thinnest laptop.

You've already asserted here : that Jobs had lied about "the thinnest laptop in the world".

I asked you then about those thinner laptops, and their constructors not jumping on that occasion to call Apple on its lies and have some promotion about their products, and the complicit press not saying anything. You probably never saw my question, you certainly would have answered.

I'm asking it again (Google didn't help me, unfortunately) : who made the thinner laptop ?

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