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Apple Apple has seeded build 8B1027 to Apple Developer Platform owners. This build brings Transition Kit systems up to version 10.4.2, and in-sync with the current released version of Mac OS X for 'ordinary' Macs. This build includes new tactics to prevent piracy of Mac OS X.
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The hackers will eventually fail. One of the primary reasons Apple moved to Intel was that they would get the bulletproof DRM hardware that Intel can't get any of the PC manufacturers to agree to use. And Intel finally gets a customer who wants a locked down PC.

You mean the hackers that beeped out the iPod firmware through the piezo speaker? Or the guys that hacked the XBox with its hardware encryption, public keys, etc., both through hardware AND through software? Those hackers?

And those are both "closed" machines. What horrors will they be able to create on a machine where they have R/W access to pretty much the entire thing and a nifty shell and suite of tools to boot?

Make no mistake, it WILL get hacked, but it won't get used. The headaches alone won't make a dent, and that's all Apple needs to do. Just make it aggravating and frustrating enough to make buying their machine simply that much easier to do.

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