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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has announced the official release of the third Firefox 3 beta, which includes many user interface improvements and a handful of new features. Firefox 3 is rapidly approaching completion, and much of the work that remains to be done is primarily in the category of fit and finish. There will likely only be one more beta release after this one before Mozilla begins issuing final release candidates. Additionally, jemalloc from FreeBSD will be the default internal memory allocator for Firefox.
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RE: What a POS
by bannor99 on Mon 18th Feb 2008 23:03 UTC in reply to "What a POS"
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Were it not for the database of bookmarks I currently have, and the usefulness of the DOM inspector, I would drop Firefox in a heartbeat.

I've had it.

I don't know about the rest of the platforms, but on the Windows side, every beta has been WORSE than the previous one. I could at least use Firefox 3b2 (which I DLed for the SVG support), but with 16 tabs open in Firefox 3b3, I'm averaging about 87% CPU and 102 MB!


Really? What are your system specs? That's not my experience at all. At present, I have 75 tabs open, half of which have been open for nearly a week and haven't restarted Windows in about 9 days - I've been
hibernating Windows with Firefox running.
Under 1.5 ( and 2.0 to a lesser extent ), that would
have put me at 100% CPU in only a few resumes.
As it is, CPU usage is in the 15 - 35 % range and memory around 200 - 240 Mb.

I'd tried a late alpha of FF3 which I deleted after 1 day but the betas were hugely better and the last 2 have been great performance-wise.
Since you use Windows, I suggest waiting for to release a Portable package
rather than going through the hassle of installing it.
Of late, they've only been taking an extra day or two
to do so.

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