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Multimedia, AV Toshiba said Tuesday it will no longer manufacture HD-DVDs, effectively ending the long-running battle with the rival Blu-ray for a dominant high-definition format. Toshiba said it made the decision to cease developing, manufacturing, and marketing HD-DVDs after 'recent major changes in the market'. It promised to continue offering support and service for all 1.3+ million Toshiba HD-DVDs sold so far.
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RE: Not upgrading for a long time
by CowMan on Tue 19th Feb 2008 18:21 UTC in reply to "Not upgrading for a long time"
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This is going to be a lingering problem.

I venture that you would have a hard time watching SD or 480/480-upconverted content after watching a bit of HD on a proper setup, it is not comparable.

For HD though you need the whole shebang: 7.1 audio, HD sources (most cable & sat. is highly disappointing, many Blu-Ray titles are still 5.1), an HD set, and all the cabling (pretty much HDMI) to make it all work. This has to be put in a room big enough for 7.1 > 5.1, and sitting appropriately near the TV (or having it big enough) to see the higher quality.

Then it all has to be setup and configured correctly.

This takes a fair amount of effort to balance out, and a fair amount of cost to attain, and a bit of know-how to throw together. Disc format decided, this is HD's new hurdle.

When people make the claim they can't tell the difference, I like to invite them down to my "theater room" for a demo, the kind you can't get in a noisy showroom: flicking back between upconverted DVD (which looks great) and Blu-Ray (which looks amazing).

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