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OSNews, Generic OSes Today, after much feedback and evaluation, we implemented some changes to the way OSNews "moderation" works. Previously, we had a dual-purposed feedback system - an "up" vote was based on agreement, but a "down" vote was based on specific rules. We've changed the way things work around here, read more for the details.
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Comment by oma2la
by oma2la on Wed 20th Feb 2008 03:48 UTC
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I can't help wondering - why have comment scores at all? Yes it is gratifying to come back to a comment and find it's been modded +5, allowing me to think "Oh hooray, I am a comedy genius after all!", but how much do we need to know how anonymous users feel about our posts? More than that, how much do we need to know how anonymous users feel about other people's posts?

The most gratifying thing is when other named users engage with us in the comments. Perhaps I'm the only one, but too often I'm guilty of lurking here and using the mod points as a lazy-man's way of participating.

Strangely enough, I quite like having the mod points, but in the interests of debate I wondered what an argument in favour of abolishing them might sound like!

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